Sustainability at the Core

Colorado's First and Most Sustainable
Net Zero Energy & All-electric Life Sciences Building

Net Zero Electric & Net Zero Carbon Capable

Ridgeway Science + Tech™ will meet the highest and most progressive standards of sustainability. It will serve as an example of how to build a truly modern building. Conscience Bay Company seeks to add enduring value to its properties by applying creative design and development solutions that achieve a positive social and environmental impact.

Ridgeway Science + Tech™ is dedicated to a triple bottom line approach that benefits the community, the environment, and makes sense economically. The following key project features and focuses go hand-in-hand with that approach and directly support the project’s goals for sustainability certifications:


Championing local culture, local landmarks, and heritage


Integrating nature and natural elements both indoors and outdoors

Bike Parking
Community garden
on-site exercise trail
Bike Room